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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow a "do-not-play" list?

Absolutely! It's your day, so we want to ensure that everything is exactly to your liking. If there's anything you don't want to hear, we will guarantee it will not be played. 

How will the DJ dress for the event?

Unless otherwise specifically requested, the DJ will always appear in dress pants, dress shirt and a tie. 

How many songs can we select for our event? 

As many as you like! We are at your event working for you, and want to do everything we can to make your event meet your vision completely. While we are not able to guarantee all songs, we will do everything we can to provide as many songs as possible. If you prefer to leave everything up to us, that is also perfectly fine, and we will choose our song selection throughout the night based on the crowd.                                  

Do you take requests during the event? 

Absolutely! We will encourage guests to come up and make requests at any time, but we will be very mindful about the content being requested, and will always ensure songs are appropriate for the crowd, and will keep people dancing. 

How up to date is your music selection? 

We are pleased to work with some of the industry leaders for providing DJs with music content. As a result, we are able to provide content right up to current month on the charts. 

What type of music will you play at the event?

We take great pride in having a strong knowledge of all types of music, and a passion for playing whatever gets the crowd going. Our selection includes Oldies, Classic Rock, Disco, 80s, 90s, New Pop and Country, and we will only play music that we feel will get the crowd dancing and having fun. 

Do you offer a written contract? 

Of course! The contract is critical for your protection and ours, and the contract will be fully agreed upon and signed off at the time of the official booking. 

Do you have any international music? 

Yes, but in any situation where any specific cultural music or any foreign language music is needed, we will collaborate very closely with the event organizers to come up with a suitable playlist for the crowd. We may not be very familiar with this music, so any  knowledge of this music that we can draw on will give us the best possible chance to play music that works for everyone. 

What happens if you are unable to make the Wedding or Event?  

This situation is extraordinarily rare, and we are pleased to say that we have never experienced an issue with this. However, we will always ensure that you are taken care of. We will provide the best DJ we possibly can from our own pool of DJs, or from one of our associate companies. Any issues will be fully resolved between the event organizers and Jazzed Up Events. 

When will you show up for the event? 

For an event requiring a fairly standard setup, we will show up approximately an hour before the start of the event. If the event requires any unusual or extra setup, we will time the arrival appropriately to give us plenty of time to get setup without having to interfere with any part of the event. 

Do you put up any signs or banners advertising Jazzed Up Events? 

Never. Our DJs will introduce themselves and say that they are with Jazzed Up Events right near the beginning of the event, and at the end of the event, and will provide business cards when requested, but that is all. We have a hard policy about not using any signage, as this can become an eye sore in pictures. We feel that our services speak for themselves, and referrals will come via word of mouth.  

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